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Quick personal loans at the click of a mouse

70% of the world’s population will have a smartphone in their possession in 2020, according to the forecasts made by Udo Gollub, a German scientist. Considering the penetration of smart mobile devices in our society, it is not surprising that many of the requests for fast personal loans from Fintech companies are made through these devices. This type of credits triumph, among other reasons, by the ease with which they can be obtained. The application process is so simple that it makes it optimal for those who prefer to access offers through their phones. Currently, there are already many people who apply for their loans online with these devices and this trend is likely to increase.

3 personal loans instantly to request in minutes

Consumer habits and commerce are evolving in such a way that more and more users prefer to buy on the Internet from their mobile devices. Although online purchases are still more made from the PC, according to PWC Total Retail Report 2017, the trend seems to increase towards the mobile compared to the previous year. In particular, 14% is the growth of people who buy from their mobile device at least once a week. More and more people have smartphones, this may be one of the reasons that make consumption through this device rise in the coming years. However, that the customer uses the mobile to consume depends also on the effort made by companies to promote this trend in their own businesses.

Given this panorama, the fast personal loans sector has known how to develop its business and has oriented it to promote the use of its services through mobile, for example, creating its own applications or facilitating and expediting the application process.

Quick personal loans are easy to request, this could facilitate access to these credits from our smartphone. The form is simple and will not require submitting excessive personal or financial data. Also, they will not require too many paperwork and they will never be face-to-face. All the documents that ask for us we can send them by email or even, by WhatsApp. In addition, we do not have to send a photocopy of the documents, nowadays it is possible to do it through a photograph, for example, of our ID. These types of advantages are specially created and fostered by these private equity companies to improve their service and facilitate the client to be able to get the personal loan quickly and from any device.

What makes these personal loans so fast?

If we talk about speed, the personal loans that we have just seen do not really have competition within the online loan sector. Moreover, it is often said that they are the kings of urgent money. We know that the key to success is speed, but how do you get such fast service?

When dealing with smaller amounts than other types of credits, private equity companies will not ask us for so many requirements or conditions. In addition, the process of analyzing the request is done through algorithms that can study whether we are suitable or not automatically. As a result, the lenders will not have to study for so long the profile of their customers, therefore, they can decide whether or not they grant it to us in much less time. Obviously, this does not mean that anyone can get money fast, but it will be easier to access them because the risk is not the same as if they were loans of much higher amounts.

In addition, to all this, we must add the new identity verification systems that integrate into your service as Instantor or Kontomatik. These tools allow them to accelerate the time they invest in studying applications and generate faster responses. These tools work with a system that allows them to access our bank accounts automatically, so we will not have to send a bank statement. This makes the application process even simpler and faster and, therefore, we can get the answer in minutes.