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Jeffrey Zeldman

One of the nicest things about moving in New York has been getting to know Jeffrey Zeldman of A List Apart/Designing with Web Standards/Happy Cog fame. I spoke at his conference, An Event Apart (“the design conference for people who make websites”), a year or so ago, and it was a wonderfully-produced event. AEA takes place once more this year, in Chicago October 13-14 (just before Steve Krug and I do our thing there on October 16-17).

Jeffrey’s kindly offering a special discount to Friends of Steve and Lou; just use the discount code AEASKLR when you register and you’ll save $100 off the registration price. Thanks Jeffrey!

While we’re on the subject of events: lookit all the wonderful places Rosenfeld Media authors are speaking at during the next few months… You’ll see some more discounts listed there too.

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Aug 27, 2008: Fall workshops in Chicago and Washington, DC

Steve Krug and I are at it again. We’ll be teaching our new workshops this fall in Chicago (October 16/17) and Washington, DC (November 11/12). We’re offering discounts for early registration, for groups of three or more, and for signing up for both days. More info here.

I must say, it’s been fun to assemble an entirely new workshop (I just started teaching this one in the spring). When you teach the same class for many years, like my old enterprise IA seminar, it tends to get overloaded and difficult to squeeze into one day. I centered the new one from the start around hands-on exercises and discussion. Of course, it’s still hard to squeeze into one day. But so far the evaluations have been good. Many say it’s one of those topics that they didn’t realize they needed to know about, and are now glad that they do. Not that I’m biased…